Academic Conferences

TFCSA financially supports the annual Africa conference, presently convening at the University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin). The conference draws participants from all over the world and from various disciplines and professions, and is open to the general public. Each year the conference focus is on a different theme, e.g. poverty and empowerment, gender and sexuality, popular cultures, diseases and health in Africa.

The Center will also provide grants for promising scholars to attend the UT Africa Conference. [Information about 2013 conference grant]

The center will also provide financial assistance to other African studies conferences run by colleges, universities, and institutions worldwide. The Center will support conferences that promote new directions in scholarship, provide opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration. Grant(s) may be used for any expense incurred by the applicant related to organizing and running the conference (e.g., programs, accommodations, transportation, keynote speakers, workshops).

Publishing Grant Program

TFCSA will support through a publishing subvention grant program deserving publications related to African studies and will provide financial support for editing and publishing expenses to organizations and individuals. Grants(s) of up to $1,000 may be used for publishing or editing related expenses (e.g., editing, copyediting, proof reading, book design).

Future Programs

Library Outreach: The Center will provide schools/colleges and relevant organizations worldwide with books and other publications that have been gifted to the Corporation. Additionally, in order to reach a wider audience the Center aims to expand access to digital libraries with African studies literature, which may include providing subscription fees to institutions with limited library facilities.

Scholarship Program: TFCSA will provide scholarships to deserving African studies scholars who have been accepted or are currently enrolled at an accredited college or university and are pursuing a degree or related coursework in African studies.

Fellowship Grant: The Center will provide grants to qualified individuals to help support research projects related to African studies. The grant would encourage research and publications concerning the peoples, cultures, and histories of Africa.

Policy “white papers”: TFCSA will produce or commission policy or “white papers” that advance knowledge and public awareness of Africa and the African diaspora. These reports would be written for NGOs, corporations, governmental departments, and other institutions interested in issues concerning Africa and Africans.

Distinguished Scholar Program: The Center will provide funds to accomplished African scholars to lecture at conferences and events, publish manuscripts, and engage in awareness-building or humanitarian-related efforts that further the mission of the Corporation.